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Reform Alan M. Miller


Alan M. Miller

Published October 2nd 2014
ISBN : 9781458217790
302 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Times are eerily different in the late twenty-first century. There is no question that technological advances and wide health care reform have drastically altered the delivery of medical care in America. Technicians and computers have replaced doctors and nurses. Medical corporate giant, Med-Met, controls the majority of health care. Only a small vestige of the old system remains with the Hippocratins, a group of physicians taught through apprenticeship.Michael Guidry is making a valiant attempt to ignore his own growing self-doubts about Americas health care system as he works as a diagnostic technician at the Med-Met Regional Center in New Orleans. But when he accepts a fiery attractive strangers dinner invitation, Guidry has no idea she is leading him straight into a desperate battle with a powerful corporation, a deadly epidemic, and his own conscience. As the death toll rises from a lethal virus, Guidry and the Hippocratins must do everything in their power to control the epidemic-and the forces of Med-Met who are determined to protect their interests, no matter what the cost.In this sci-fi thriller, a medical conspiracy unfolds and holds Americas health care system hostage as the future of medicine hangs in the balance and a group of humanitarian physicians and their latest recruit attempt to conquer something much bigger than themselves.