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Girl...U. R. H. O. T. Maureen Zappala

Girl...U. R. H. O. T.

Maureen Zappala

Published March 26th 2013
Kindle Edition
228 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Do you realize you have more influence that you think you do? Do you think that you are insignificant, or have little to offer the world? Have you ever said “I’m not good enough”? If so, you risk snuffing out the flame of your influence with an inaccurate self-assessment. The truth is, you are good enough and you have tremendous influence. God created you as his beloved masterpiece, and He fully equipped you to impact your world and bring Him glory.Why not re-ignite the fire of your influence.?You can, with Fire Starters. This is not a book about self-esteem or living your dream or being extreme. It has simple truths about how God has positioned you for His purpose, which is to influence your world. With heartwarming stories, humor and powerful scriptures, Maureen Zappala will show you how you can:* Embrace God’s power so you can enter your world with unshakable God-confidence instead of fickle self-confidence.* Learn how your influence isn’t limited even if your place in life is.* Find the “perk in your work” so you can enjoy the fruit of your labor.* Explore how your past pain has perfectly prepared you for God’s present purpose.* Break free from self-imposed constraints that limit your influence.With the Fire Starters of Uncontainment, Relationship, Home Run, Ordainment and Tapestry, you will experience God like you never have before, you will see more of Him than you ever have before, and you will give Him more glory than you ever have before.